We Our Proud to Offer Laser Therapy for Our Patients

sol-laser-001 Our professional team will always do our best to advance patient care standards in our office. We are always learning and constantly striving to provide the highest quality services in the area. Now you have the opportunity take advantage of the wonderful benefits pain free laser therapy with our Sol portable diode laser by Denmat. This advanced technology will help you fight painful and destructive bone and gum diseases. Now you can benefit from the use of an advanced technological weapon designed to fight periodontal disease by removing the buildup of harmful bacteria with laser therapy.

Since about 80 percent of adults are affected by periodontal disease, it has become an epidemic across the country. Recent research has revealed that these bacterial infections around the teeth can be associated with diabetes, arthritis, low birth weight and heart disease along with many other ailments.

The benefits of using a laser versus traditional surgery methods such as electrosurgery and scalpel are quite numerous. Our Sol Diode Laser treatment has been shown to perform exact and precise dental procedures without gum bleeding, little to no postoperative sensitivity and fantastic clinical results.

What Are Some Important Reasons to Use Laser Therapy for Improved Overall Health?

The use use laser therapy can help reduce periodontal pocket inflammation because of its decontamination effects. It is a great non-surgical method to get wonderful, safe and effective results when used in conjunction with mechanical removal by:

  1. Reducing high levels of bacteria so it doesn’t destroy or cause the loss of the attachment around your teeth.
  2. Safely and effectively removing tissue that has been diseased.
  3. Prevent infection to spread to other parts of your body from your mouth through cross contamination.

The process of therapeutic decontamination usually takes five to ten minutes and is painless. It recommended that when you are scheduled for your routine hygiene appointments that you also take advantage of this service. At present time this technology isn’t covered by most insurance companies. We are more than happy to discuss the costs associated with the procedure with you which will be determined based on the specific treatment modality performed.

  • Canker Sore Treatment
  • Cold Sore Treatment
  • Abscess Excision, Incision and Draining
  • Desensitizing
  • Operculectomies
  • Gingival Recontouring
  • Frenectomies
  • Gingivoplasties
  • Removal of Sulcular Tissue

Please feel free to call us or come in and we will answer any questions you have about our newest technology.